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Meitner was solicited by Brockhaus an
encyclopedia editor, to write an article ,
he had read an article she wrote on the
physical aspects of radioactivity.
When she answered the letter adressed
to Herr Meitner and explained she was
a woman, the editor wrote back to retract
his request, saying he never would publish
the work of a woman .

hey people until 2012 there is not much
chance in public consciousnes
for lise had to leave germany 1938
and her achievements--

and they distribute to otto hahn
the nobel 1945 and all honours-
but hahn was only chemist!!!
not physicist!!!In 1945, the Royal
Swedish Academy of Sciences
awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry
to Otto Hahn for the discovery of nuclear
overlooking the physicist
Lise Meitner
, who collaborated with him
in the discovery and gave the first
theoretical explanation of the fission
process. --"forgetting" of the role
of the one discoverer. she worked with
hahn since the start...and she never
came back to germany after ww2!!!
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